Saturday, June 21, 2014

Reaching Out to the Caregivers

We are bringing the news of the Tikü directly to the caregivers.  The most qualified people to address the functionality and utility of the incubator are the physicians, who help infants begin their lives.  We are now reaching out to Neonatologists, Practitioners of Perinatal Medicine, and Pediatricians across America to garner their input and support.

We are seeking feedback from these experts on three points:

1. Do they think that the Tikü could enhance the survival of pre-term or at-risk babies?

2. Do they believe that there is an interest in purchasing the commercial-version of the Tikü by humanitarian organizations, religious missions, and governmental agencies?

3. Are they acquainted with clinicians who offer their expertise in infant care to international humanitarian missions? AND How to we contact these health professionals?  [These are the caregivers working on the 'front lines' with mothers and families in remote and undeveloped regions.]

As with many game-changing innovations, support by qualified and influential Early Adopters leads to acceptance by the whole population.  This 'grass roots' support is helping us to get underway and begin enhancing the chance at life for many of the world's youngest citizens.