Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Patent for Humanity

The utility patent for the incubator has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Now the long wait commences.  Since there is a backlog of patent applications (584,998) for 8,192 patent examiners, first action on a patent usually comes 18.2 months after submittal and total pendency averages 29.1 months.  Innovations are protected from the date that they are filed but the award of the patent takes some time.

The United States government initiated a program in 2013 to accelerate the review of patents for humanitarian inventions.  The President renewed the program this year, so we have entered the competition.  Winners receive official recognition at a function in Washington, DC and have the review of their patent filings or appeals expedited.  Although there is no monetary award, the public exposure and 'quicker' review are worthwhile.  We have declared our candidacy by entering with the Tikü and are hoping for good results.

Designs for the World is actively seeking seed funding to initiate limited production of the incubator.  In order to begin commercial production, we have been tasked to obtain quality and manufacturing approval by the agencies that are interested in procuring the Tikü.  Furthermore, we want to demonstrate the incubator in the field to humanitarian and governmental organizations that are working with mothers and children.  Our intent is to go to Haiti and/or El Salvador for this part of our mission and gift several of the incubators after our presentation.  Success always comes down to finances but we feel that we are beginning to make headway.