Friday, December 28, 2018

A Year of Invention

We have had a productive year in advancing our endeavors.

The Tikü® Neonatal Incubator

Tested by the Biomedical Innovation class at Middleton High School in Tampa, FL.  The students evaluated the functionality of the incubator with a non-human patient, a squash of ~1.5 kg weight, that served as a facsimile of a premature newborn infant.  This assessment was done in January during a cold front and heating in the lab was shut off during a period of the testing.  The students maintained a proper body temperature for the "infant" for more than 48 elapsed hours.  Their scientific method and reporting were very good.  They enjoyed their project and were enthusiastic about the whole experience.  

The next step for the Tikü® will be testing with human patients.  We received an offer for sponsorship from a gentleman in Guatemala, who envisions having the incubator being evaluated as part of an academic curriculum of a Masters or Doctoral student at the University of Guatemala.  We shall have to fabricate additional units for this testing.

Staxbloc™ Integrated Building Construction System  

We filed a provisional patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in January for a new building construction system that utilizes interlocking blocks that are post-tensioned with internal tendons.  The interlocking blocks facilitate construction and distribute loads, while tensioned tendons permit the building to better sustain live loads like those encountered in hurricanes and earthquakes.  We vetted the new invention with the public at the 2018 Florida State Fair in February, where it was well received by building contractors and many DIY builders. 

We visited Puerto Rico in November with a Rotary Club to help with reconstruction of the island, following last year's hurricanes.  We introduced the Staxbloc™ system to governmental and private entities and they were receptive to using Staxbloc™ to help them with reconstruction.  We have a colleague on the west side of the island with whom we shall be working in the future with implementation of the Staxbloc™ system and in establishing a school for technical and agricultural education.


Looking ahead to 2019, we shall work to establish a shoe-string manufacturing operation for Staxbloc™ in order to erect a tiny house of ~500 sq ft.  We shall also endeavor to fabricate more incubators for the Guatemala project.  All of our projects are self-funded.  Our steps are contingent on working with clients on their innovations, so that we may have sufficient capital to move forward.

We wish you all an excellent, healthy, and prosperous New Year 2019!