Friday, August 11, 2017

Encore Presentation at 1 Million Cups

We hope that you have been having an excellent summer!

We were invited to provide an encore presentation of the Tikü® at the 1 Million Cups event in Saint Petersburg during the last week of July,  We brought a completed incubator for the review of the assembly.  The invention and its intended service were well-received and there were many thoughtful questions.  We announced that we were seeking strategic partners for our endeavor to help us move forward.  We shall probably locate a project champion through a referral interview process; however, we welcome suggestions of possible individuals who may be interested in our humanitarian venture.

We have expanded our role in teaching digital technologies to job candidates and to grade school students.  This year, we instructed several pre-vocational classes in 3D design and fabrication and provided a certification course for entry-level CNC operators.  In early summer, we held programs at STEM camps for middle schoolers in 3D printing, subtractive manufacturing, engineering, and robotics.  Based on the response to date, we are reaching out beyond the institutions with which we have dealt previously.

We continue to work with inventors and companies in developing new products.  One of our current projects is a new innovation for the commercial beverage industry.  Also, there has been an upturn in interest in bespoke furnishings.  Since we design, program, cut, build, and finish our creations in our un-airconditioned shop, we would prefer to complete these projects at times other than the Florida summer, but we are happy for the business.

This blog has primarily served to inform our friends and customers of the activities of Designs for the World; however, we welcome your comments and feedback.