Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tables For Life

We are proud to introduce the Lifestyle and Team Spirit Tables.  Sales of these tables will enable us to continue with development, testing, and production of humanitarian innovations like the Tikü™ Neonatal Incubator.  By ordering a table on our Web site, you can enhance your life while helping to save lives.

Both tables are extremely versatile.  They are perfect additions to any home or apartment and may serve in the living room, dining room, den, or patio.  For people living in condominiums, they are an elegant solution to cooking on the balcony.  Students in dormitories or fraternities/sororities can use the table both for cooking and as a desk for studying.  Seniors in apartments or assisted-living facilities can prepare meals in their suites.  For providers of hospitality, the tables are an excellent, in-room solution for cooking in efficiency apartments or extended-stay suites.  Sports fans will love the Team Spirit Tables for tailgate parties or as an addition to a recreation room or a family room.

The tables feature safe and efficient induction cooking, so only the cookware gets hot while the top stays cool.  There is ample storage in the base for cookware and utensils.  The cabinet is completely portable and may be easily moved.  Two of the over-sized casters lock to secure the table.  Each table measures 42" (107 cm) L x 27" (69 cm) W x 29" (74 cm) H.  The table plugs into a residential electric circuit and is rated for 12 A, 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 Ø.  The cooking unit has approvals from UL, NSF, and FCC.

We are offering the Lifestyle Table for a pre-production price of US$2,997.00.  We are seeking a minimum refundable deposit of US$199.00 to reserve a table.  When we receive orders for 500 tables, we shall begin manufacturing and shipping.  Large orders of tables will be discounted.  We encourage you to visit our Web site and place your order.  You will have the double benefit of owning an elegant and unique furnishing and appliance and helping to further the production of humanitarian innovations for people in underdeveloped countries and in disaster or war zones.