Friday, April 10, 2020

Thank You Respirator

Many of us, who are not on the front lines fighting COVID-19, wonder what we can do to help.  We recommend that those of you with access to 3D printers start making Thank You Respirators.  If you have not already seen our video, go to  The files for creating Thank You Respirators are FREE and may be downloaded at

After you have made the respirators, put them in clean plastic bags with spare filters and give them to health care providers, a first responders, food workers, or anyone in contact with people who may have the virus.  If you know of people who are at high risk, such as seniors or those with chronic illness, these people could also benefit from using Thank You Respirators.  Show your humanity.  It is the right thing to do.

The respirator has been designed to help those fighting COVID-19 and to say "Thank You" for their service and sacrifice.  The dedication of these people is most admirable.  Let us recognize their contribution and make them a little safer.

Get busy making Thank You Respirators!!!  Pay forward our message to everyone!